Why is it that when I initially wake up I feel refreshed but after a while I start feeling tired?

You can picture it like driving 200 km with fuel for 150 km.

What is tiredness?

It is information (signal) your body sends to brain – “I have not enough energy to do what you ask me to do!”. Yes you can push beyond the limits, so you will be more tired – in extreme situation you may pay higher price.

Why you have not enough energy?

If it is not related to medical field – doctor’s recommendations will not change anything. First you need to have thorough medical check-up. You may check other possibilities if your health is “OK” than.

Your resting should be effective enough to provide energy for the following day. It is obvious that your body is unable to generate enough energy. It seems that your resting is not efficient.

You can increase sleeping time, make your sleep more comfortable or it is another reason making your sleep not efficient.

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