Why am I always tired and weak?

See your doctor and start from there. If everything is OK you need to check outside factors causing your problems.

In today world most common source of familiar to yours problems is the exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

They are invisible and without EMF meter you can’t recognize them. It even more complicated – EMF meter can’t detect all of them. Most sophisticated EMF meters may recognize most of man-made EMFs.

What about EMFs created by nature???

Anyway – it will not change a bit in your life. The only way is to be EMF protected. The first step is to protect the space where you spend your resting time (sleep time – when your body is generating energy required for the next day).

Here is the link to typical symptoms related to exposition to EMFs and proven solutions (also links on this page)  >>>>>> http://microalpha.com/chronic_fatigue.html