What are the causes of constant fatigue and boredom?

not efficient resting or stress (1) ==> lack of energy (2) ==> constant fatigue (3) ==> boredom (4)

If you feel like you are fatigued for no reason then you should contact your doctors. Fatigue may be relating to exposition to EMFs if they will not found cause (if your health is OK from MD point of view).

  1. Your body in the first part (resting time) of sleeping is doing maintenance and repair, so you will use it next day with best performance you can get. Second part of resting is dedicating to create energy for the next day. Both processes may be interrupting by stress.

Stress is a synonym with very wide range: from physical wearing, sickness, emotional to intellectual stress. Stress to some point is required for our activities and this is a “good stress”. Other type or exceeding stress is draining to much energy and this may have negative influence on you and your life.

Your resting could be not efficient if it will be interrupting by stress. It may be very common today reason – exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) if this is not an issue.

  1. Lack of energy – comes directly from disturbed resting or if your body has less than needed sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep is requiring for normal healthy adult. During growth (children, teens) body needs more sleep. In this time, most of developments are happen.
    Again – It is something disturbing resting, making it not efficient if your health is OK, your stress is not excessive and you are sleeping +/- 8 hours.

  2. Explained above create shortage of energy need for daily tasks. Tiredness is the only way your body communicates, “My fuel is on reserve – turn off all not vital tasks”.

  3. Boredom – it takes extra effort to do anything, better is not do anything if you have not enough energy (tiredness). Sociologically you translate it to itself as nothing is worth to engage – you have no wish to go forward.

  4. Full list of symptoms and solution is here. In addition, more information about this subject is on http://chronic-fatigue-syndrome.microalpha.com/chronic_fatigue.html page.