What are the causes of constant fatigue and boredom?

not efficient resting or stress (1) ==> lack of energy (2) ==> constant fatigue (3) ==> boredom (4)

If you feel like you are fatigued for no reason then you should contact your doctors. Fatigue may be relating to exposition to EMFs if they will not found cause (if your health is OK from MD point of view).

  1. Your body in the first part (resting time) of sleeping is doing maintenance and repair, so you will use it next day with best performance you can get. Second part of resting is dedicating to create energy for the next day. Both processes may be interrupting by stress.

Stress is a synonym with very wide range: from physical wearing, sickness, emotional to intellectual stress. Stress to some point is required for our activities and this is a “good stress”. Other type or exceeding stress is draining to much energy and this may have negative influence on you and your life.

Your resting could be not efficient if it will be interrupting by stress. It may be very common today reason – exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) if this is not an issue.

  1. Lack of energy – comes directly from disturbed resting or if your body has less than needed sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep is requiring for normal healthy adult. During growth (children, teens) body needs more sleep. In this time, most of developments are happen.
    Again – It is something disturbing resting, making it not efficient if your health is OK, your stress is not excessive and you are sleeping +/- 8 hours.

  2. Explained above create shortage of energy need for daily tasks. Tiredness is the only way your body communicates, “My fuel is on reserve – turn off all not vital tasks”.

  3. Boredom – it takes extra effort to do anything, better is not do anything if you have not enough energy (tiredness). Sociologically you translate it to itself as nothing is worth to engage – you have no wish to go forward.

  4. Full list of symptoms and solution is here. In addition, more information about this subject is on http://chronic-fatigue-syndrome.microalpha.com/chronic_fatigue.html page.

I have extreme fatigue and depression, how can I motivate myself?

First thing first – check with your doctors. If it is no reasons for your problems than maybe is something else. One of the common background causes is exposition to EMFs. Solution — it is not about motivating but removing cause of your recent state of health.

Extreme fatigue – why you so tired?

What is this about?  It is information (signal) your body sends to brain – “I have not enough energy to do what you ask me to do!”. Yes you can push beyond the limits, so you will be more tired – in extreme situation you may pay higher price.

Why you have not enough energy?

Unfortunately exposition to EMFs during night sleep disturb efficient generation of vital energy. In addition to that created energy is depleted during fight with EMFs by your defence system. It is seeing in EMFs enemy like viruses or bacteria and try to protect you from invading EMFs.  This fight is hopeless. EMFs are passing through your body anyway.  More about it is here – http://chronic-fatigue-syndrome.microalpha.com/chronic_fatigue.html .

Depression is an another symptom related to EMFs.  Check this page http://chronic-fatigue-syndrome.microalpha.com/depression.html for explanation.

How long we have to wait until we have the cure for chronic fatigue syndrome?

It is a cure. I have solved it over 20 years ago and every person with such “not curable” and “who knows what is in background” CHS recovered in a very few months. Check this link Chronic Fatigue – cause and solution. If you have questions – please use the form of the bottom of the page.

When I was a child, I was always energetic. But now, I always feel tired and unmotivated no matter how much sleep I get. What should I do?

I don’t know. I want to succeed, so many things I want to do. But it’s always the fatigue that kills me.


First you need to have thorough medical check-up. If your health is “OK” than you may check other possibilities.

I would like to point to two different factors

  • Fast growing number of EMF sources e.g. cell towers, WiFi routers and Smart Meters etc.
  • “Rapidly” decreased geomagnetic field. It was decreasing fast in last decades, but in 2012 year collapsed going down 20 times. Today magnetic field of the earth is 200 times weaker than 4,000 years ago. We are designed to be in very strong geomagnetic field. We are immersed in it like fish in the water. Decreased geomagnetic field makes us weaker, prone to all negative factors we are exposed to. Look around. How many people suffer today in comparison to 2-3 decades in past.

Most likely in the background of your problems is exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). We are exposed to man-made and natural EMFs. Both affect us the same way.

Here are list of symptoms related to exposition to EMFs:

  • Moderate or severe fatigue and decreased energy 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Waking up feeling just as tired as when you went to sleep (regardless of sleep length)

What is wrong?

Your body tries to defend you against EMFs passing through seeing in them enemy like viruses or bacteria. It is prioritizing task. It drains a lot of energy from the body and fight with EMFs brings no results. They passing through not stopped. If you have energy like many people this will go without your attention. Different situation is during resting time. Restored energy is used for this hopeless fight instead of “charging batteries”. Tiredness and lack of energy during the day is a result of the night fight.

Check the solutions and explanation – it may be that what you are looking for.

Also problem with your lack of motivation is based on chronic tiredness.

Second – substitute for decreased geomagnetic field on the personal level – personal EMF protection pendant convert all collected energy in over 20,000 different frequencies used by your body and send it out. This enhance your body working with every cell, tissue, bone and organ. You can feel stronger and have more energy and strength. It is more than that. All is explained on website provided below.

Links to solutions and explanation are also provided on “Symptoms” page.

This solution is patented and proven in every case during last 17 years. There is not enough space to explain all of it. Everything is explained step by step on our website and links to practical solution are on mentioned above “Symptoms” page.

How exactly does the body recognize EMF and fight against it?

Navigation sense for animals, birds, fish and humans was discovered explained and publish in research conducted in last century. In brain of mentioned above creatures is navigation system responding to geomagnetic field of the earth. Humans lost most of it in evolution process.  We evolved to use other senses and our brain is more advanced, so navigation sense is not very important anymore. Some people are able to use remaining part of it for navigation in forests etc (pathfinders . . .).

Unfortunately this ability works again us. This very specific navigation system (or remaining part of it in every human being) senses very specific part of man-made and natural EMFs. It triggers intruder alarm and defence system tries to fight them.

Practically this is it. Results may be bad like developing variety of health problems due to lack of energy used for this fight and involved in it e.g. “special forces” designated to catch and destroy cancer cells. The list of symptoms of exposition to EMFs and solution is here.

My Invention succeeded in removing part of EMFs triggering defence system to fight with them. As results all type of the problems related to explained earlier conditions can be easily reverse.  Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia (they are not chronic any more – they can be defeat) are an example of many health problems we can successfully deal with.

When I’m lying in bed at night I get scared thinking that one day I will be dead and no longer exist. How do I avoid having these thoughts?

It seems that you don’t have real purpose pushing you to do something with your life in the time given to you.

Are you thinking about be dead when you are in the car? probably not. You have the desire to drive safe to destination.

For people with faith the same desire pushing them to be better in this life. This may be rewarded in the life after life.

If you don’t believe in life after life, in other words if you are atheist it is only one way to change it.

You need to find something real, challenge, real purpose, something like love, family children, or goal you are desire to reach like money, power, some goods, special car or to do something important that you will be remember by the people after your death.

If you will find it – in bed your thoughts will be circulating around the best way to achieve that what you desire.

On the end will count only that what you did or didn’t do with your life. You and I are sitting in the bout sailing to the horizon of life and we are not able to slow it down or to have a short brake.

So instead of being bored by speculating about the end let’s have a chase game. It is a whole life time to play it.

What would you do if you were too tired of what happens around you?

It had happened a few times. I have a very simple method.

I need to be in a quiet place where I can focus without interruption (at home, in park, on trail, even in my car).

I am finding one task – one thing I can do with pleasure and/or satisfaction.

In addition focusing on surrounding me inevitable situations I am approaching future scenario from neutral observer point of view looking for balanced solution.

This gives me right approach to future.

I am always trying to be positive.

I never give up just because tomorrow is another day and I can start it from scratch.

I learn hard way – how much is worth single breath and I enjoy every one from that time.