How can I fall asleep even though I’m stressing over everything?

Falling asleep is the natural body language to convince you to have a rest.


Your body need refuelling when is in low-level of energy  (like a car). This mean that you need to have decent sleep to regenerate energy. Probably you are not have a good sleep overnight, so your energy is gone before the end of the day. Even more likely you pushing yourself to do whatever day is coming with. This activate adrenaline to makes it possible. Than your body drive on “fuel reserve”.

In addition stress drain all energy it can get from your body to compensate it.

Question is what disturb your body during resting time?

From my experience you are  expose to natural or man-made EMFs during the rest. Your body fights with them draining energy instead of accumulating it for the next day.

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  • “A must have – minimum – configuration” – very basic set of products for providing proper conditions for effective resting (Neutralizer) and improvement of the body functionality (Peace Ball). Neutralizer for EMF PROTECTION FROM BELOW surface of your home or apartment  and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball
  • Best protection is a combination of Total EMF Home Protection  and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball
  • If you know where is cell tower, power transformer, smart meter, source of Wi-Fi or power line near your home you should use products described in first paragraph and Neutralizer from this section – “Side EMF Protection” (or Total EMF Home Protection  providing protection from those mentioned above sources of EMF.  If you don’t know – just use Total Home Protection and Personal Protection
  • Or go to “One Step” solutions for ready to go sets.

Personal EMF Protection Pendant in addition to help you be protected outside of your home gives you substitute of magnetic field designed to improve your body functionality.

This method helped everyone with familiar problems. It not need to change anything in your life or remodelling your home and can be use with any other treatment with no restrictions. It is not invasive and will help all people living in the same home too.

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