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Everything started when my sibling developed cancer. It is related to power line outside your home – doctors said. I am a scientist. I wasn’t aware of those relationship working closely with electricity and variety of physic’ areas.

I decided to check what can be done to avoid problems related to exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). It took me awhile to understand that is impossible to stay away from EMFs. Even on the desert you are exposed to some EMFs (e.g. from satellite or space).

It was dead end.  I start asking myself questions.

Why EMFs are affecting more some people than others?

Why Hydro (electricians) workers are the same as any other group of people? If EMFs are harmful as we know they should be much more affected.

What exactly EMFs do on cellular level to human’s body (or any living creature) accept extreme situation causing overheating or electrocution?

What is a difference between exposition to high level of energy from EMFs and low level? Is low energy EMF more or less danger?

If EMFs affect e.g. central nervous system why some people develop cancer in different parts (organs) of the body instead brain?

Why EMFs researches bring no consistent data?

Why in last few years is much more increased number of new cases of different health problems related to EMFs including cancer?

Can you see my point. Why was no consistent data? What is in the background of all health problems related to (or developed because of) exposition to EMFs?

Simplifying (more):

  • Our patented method makes all EMFs including Wi-Fi, Smart Meter and Cell Tower radiation harmless. 
  • Nobody knows what will happen to you or your children in future.
  • It is enough data to be absolutely sure that you could suffer from Wi-Fi.
  • We know that the symptoms of exposition to Wi-Fi are the same as to other types of EMFs.
  • It is well recognized that in first counters using cell towers network number of health problems connected to exposition to EMFs is reaching epidemic level.
  • Information you can find on this website is not only connected to Wi-Fi but also to all EMFs.
  • You don’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t overlook the invisible killer. 
  • Kids absorb 50 percent more electropollution than adults. Cell phone call lasting only two minutes can cause brain hyperactivity that lasts up to an hour in children. 
  • Exposition to EMF Toxic Radiation lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s, many other severe health problems and even back pain. 
  • Children living near power lines had 3 times the likelihood of developing childhood leukemia and cancer. Children are 50% more susceptible to exposure to EMFs. 
  • Electromagnetic radiation starts doing damage from the first exposure. Even lowering level of its energy not makes big difference. For a long while there may be no noticeable symptoms, but that does not mean that nothing is happening. As the exposure continues, damage will be accumulating.
  • Based on the fertility and DNA impacts of microwave radiation, are you comfortable that your child is being exposed to this radiation all day long in school? 
  • If you are serious about improving your chances of conceiving a child then you cannot afford to overlook your Electromagnetic radiation exposure.