What does it mean when I get a severe headache and eye strain at night?

I am also very sensitive to cold. (around 8 pm)


Always the first step is to have a thorough health examination by doctors.

You should check for other possibilities if your health is “OK”.

One of the most common problems is exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Here are two origins of them. First are the natural EMFs originated inside the earth. They are invading our living space 24/7. Another are man-made EMFs. Activity of human invented EMFs depends on specific nature of each source of them (e.g. smart meters, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computer routers and wireless access points, power lines etc.).

Symptoms of exposition to both of them are the same. They include headaches, migraines, eye problems and a very common is sensitivity to cold.

The last one is based on lack of energy required for heating your body. This energy should be gained during night rest.

Unfortunately exposition to EMFs during night sleep disturb efficient generation of vital energy. In addition to that created energy is depleted during fight with EMFs by your defence system. It is seeing in EMFs enemy like viruses or bacteria and try to protect you from invading EMFs.  This fight is hopeless. EMFs are passing through your body anyway.

Full list of symptoms and solution is here. Also more information about this subject is on www.microalpha.com website.

How exactly does the body recognize EMF and fight against it?

Navigation sense for animals, birds, fish and humans was discovered explained and publish in research conducted in last century. In brain of mentioned above creatures is navigation system responding to geomagnetic field of the earth. Humans lost most of it in evolution process.  We evolved to use other senses and our brain is more advanced, so navigation sense is not very important anymore. Some people are able to use remaining part of it for navigation in forests etc (pathfinders . . .).

Unfortunately this ability works again us. This very specific navigation system (or remaining part of it in every human being) senses very specific part of man-made and natural EMFs. It triggers intruder alarm and defence system tries to fight them.

Practically this is it. Results may be bad like developing variety of health problems due to lack of energy used for this fight and involved in it e.g. “special forces” designated to catch and destroy cancer cells. The list of symptoms of exposition to EMFs and solution is here.

My Invention succeeded in removing part of EMFs triggering defence system to fight with them. As results all type of the problems related to explained earlier conditions can be easily reverse.  Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia (they are not chronic any more – they can be defeat) are an example of many health problems we can successfully deal with.

What could be the cause of extreme fatigue, cold feet, night sweats, frequent colds, and sore calf muscles?

Ages 26–30. Also, I can’t take any physical activity. Just bent over and got a heart palpitation and broke in sweat. What could it be? 🙁

I’ve been feeling progressively worse in the last few years, visited doctors, made blood tests but nothing comes up and they have no idea either… I’m very worried.


If you have any infection or other health problems (like Lyme disease) or other medical problems – tests should show that. Not always is easy to understand background of the problem, but the first indication should be anomaly in blood tests. You visited more than one doctor. It makes very accurate impression that your problem is different nature.

Your symptoms and “OK”  all medical tests are very symptomatic.

Exposition to EMFs is most likely a missing part of the puzzle. All your symptoms are pointing to it.

Some of the symptoms of exposition to EMFs are:

  • Chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms, or tightness
  • Moderate or severe fatigue and decreased energy
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cold/flu like symptoms
  • Heart rate irregularities
  • Muscle aches
  • Reduced tolerance for exercise and muscle pain after exercise
  • Insomnia or waking up feeling just as tired as when you went to sleep

List of exposition to EMFs symptoms is long (comprehensive list is here).

Sweat in the night or after bent and heart palpitation most likely are related to confusion of balance system.


EMFs you are exposed to are a silent but powerful enemy. Your body is not perfect and sees in them enemy like bacteria or viruses. For your protection your own defend system fights with EMFs. This fight is hopeless – nothing is changed but its drain energy from your body. The same energy you should have for properly managed next day.

Symptoms – your body during resting time has three main tasks.

First – generate energy you can use in next day

Second – do maintenance and reparation – this need some energy.

Third – resting – for your body and in second part of your sleep (deep stage) your brain is resting too. Brain controls all maintenance jobs in the first stage of sleeping.

EMfs expositions force your defence system to fight with them. This takes energy and interrupts all maintenance works and energy regeneration. As results are symptoms you are experiencing.

You should protect yourself. If this situation will be prolonged it may lead to some not very pleasant health problems including EHS (electro hypersensitivity).

Links to practical solution and explanation are also provided on the “Symptoms” page.

This solution is patented and proven in every case during last 17 years. There is not enough space to explain all of it here. Everything is explained step by step on our website.

Can you ever recover from fibromyalgia syndrome?

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is familiar to chronic fatigue syndrome (CHS). Most of the symptoms are the same.

Commonly understand is that it is a chronic disease and you can only lower some of the symptoms by exercise, therapeutic treatments and some vitamins, minerals or drags.

The true is different.

You can get out from it as every my customer. In other words person with fibromyalgia goes back to normal life in a short time (few months depends on severity). Longest time takes recovery from short-term memory problems. This takes around 1 year and all memory from the time of sickness is recovered too. Check “testimonials

The same like CHS is based on inability to restore energy during resting time. Electro Magnetic Fields are one of the most hidden issues critically affecting our health; both man-made and natural EMFs. Typical symptoms includes CHS, insomnia, depression, anxiety and many more. They are listed here http://microalpha.com/background.html.

Additional factor contributing to all health problems – recently collapsed geomagnetic field. We as a humans were design to be in stronger magnetic field of the earth (4,000 years ago geomagnetic field was 200 times stronger than today). Look around – 2 – 3 decades ago people had much less health problems than today.

Solutions are on pages listed below. Check them all.

  • “A must have – minimum – configuration” – very basic set of products for providing proper conditions for effective resting (Neutralizer) and improvement of the body functionality (Peace Ball). Neutralizer for EMF PROTECTION FROM BELOW surface of your home or apartment  and Personal EMF Protection Pendant – Peace Ball
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  • Or go to “One Step” solutions for ready to go sets.

Personal EMF Protection Pendant in addition to help you be protected outside of your home gives you substitute of magnetic field designed to improve your body functionality.

This method helped everyone with familiar problems. It not need to change anything in your life or remodelling your home. You can use it with any other treatment with no restrictions. It is not invasive and will help all people living in the same home too.

You may visit “Toxic EMFs affect Human’s Health“, “Harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)” and “EMF Controversy” to see a bigger picture (links posted on http://number-1-global-killer.microalpha.com/what-is-in-the-background/).

You can get access to information about mentioned above products and related pages here: