How common is it for chronic fatigue to lead to impulsiveness?

It is very common. Number of cases for ADD and ADHD is grooving exponentially year by year. Check this link!

Chronic fatigue —>> lack of energy —>> frustration or/and depression/anxiety

Frustration —>> form of discharging it can be impulsiveness or hyperactivity (in extreme — ADD, ADHD) or opposite lethargic state (and / or depression).

All symptoms will be gone if you be able to have more (enough) energy. We observe number of clients (mostly kids) recovering from ADD and ADHD. Proper resting without exposition to harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields) is a key to fast recovery and impulsiveness (ADD, ADHD) is a crying for help.

First thing first – check with your doctors. Maybe is something else if it is no reasons for your problems. One of the common background causes is exposition to EMFs. Solution — it is not about motivating but removing cause of your recent state of health.

Extreme fatigue – why you so tired?

What is this about?  It is information (signal) your body sends to brain – “I have not enough energy to do what you ask me to do!”. Yes, you can push beyond the limits, so you will be more tired – in extreme situation you may pay higher price.

Why you have not enough energy?

Unfortunately, exposition to EMFs during night sleep disturbs efficient generation of vital energy. In addition to that created energy is depleted during fight with EMFs by your defence system. It is seeing in EMFs enemy like viruses or bacteria and tries to protect you from invading EMFs.  This fight is hopeless. EMFs are passing through your body anyway.  More about it is here – .

Depression is another symptom related to EMFs.  Check this page for explanation.

Your body tries to compensate negative influence of fatigue, anxiety and depression. This require above normal energy deployment.

You can say that each of them may trigger any other.

E.g. You may feel depressed or having anxiety if you very tired. When it is difficult to do what was easy in past than your brain may go into depression . . .

Your energy is drain out if for any reason you are depressed, so your fatigue is increased. The same is with anxiety.

Anxiety can be related to both depression and /or fatigue.

Much more interesting is why you don’t have enough energy to compensate any of mentioned above problems.

It may be related to luck of proper diet, vitamin and/or mineral imbalance or another medical problem.

You may have hormonal imbalance if you in puberty or menopause stage.

Or maybe your problem has origin somewhere else.

In many cases in background is exposition to EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

More on that and related information are here.

Is it normal that I feel tired during midday, while during the evening I feel active?

There are many possible reasons for that pattern.

Medical – e.g. diabetes, anemia, thyroid imbalance, mineral and/or vitamin deficiency and . . .  You should ask your family physician for thorough tests.

Psychological – like stress . . .

Physical – hard physical work etc.

Or maybe you are an evening person. Most of us are morning people, but some individuals reach best performance during evening hours.

It is another possibility.

Are you tired after night sleep? Maybe you are in place with heavy EMF exposition during work (school) hours?

If it is so than most likely your body response is related EMF exposition (overnight resting and/or during morning and afternoon hours).

More on tiredness and related information are here.